Hiking for beginners: what to bring

If you are ready to take the venture into the great outdoors as a hiker there are a few things you will want to make sure to pack with you. Now keep in mind this list will change a little depending on the length of your hike, the location of your hike, and your age, but regardless of any of those things there are a few general items you want to have in your sack.

The Main Items to Start With:

  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Protein Snacks
  • Compass
  • Lighter
  • Pocket Knife
  • First Aid Essentials

The Basics

Some of these things seem like commons sense, others might not. But the reason for these items is very basic. The number one thing you will want is the water bottle, and filled with water. The main cause of injuries while hiking is dehydration no matter what the weather is like outside you can easily get dehydrated. Which brings us to the sunscreen and hat. When you are hiking you are exposed to continuous sun and your head is the most vulnerable to injuries from the sun. Simply having a hat on hand and sunscreen ready to go makes this a good start. Protein snacks, like granola bars, will help you stay well fed while increase your energy and stamina. The great thing about these are that you don’t need to heat or cool them so you can just throw them in your bag and go.  Also, be sure to have the correct boots with support to prevent foot and ankle injuries.


This brings us to our next set of items, the preparedness group. This group of items is essential to help in any emergency. Your first aid kit should include band aids, antibacterial ointment, scissors, alcohol swabs, tape, and for hiking some type of a splint in the event you injure a bone. You don’t need an actual splint, but you will want to have the items necessary to make one if an injury occurs, such as something to tie a stick to your body if you find yourself needing one. If you find yourself off the path you planned, something as simple as a compass has saved lives. And a pocket knife and lighter can be used to help you start fires, disinfect things when necessary, and find food if you get lost. These things take up very little space, are lightweight, and have saved more than one person in an unexpected emergency.

Besides brining these items with you, make sure you are well dressed with jeans to avoid scrapes, hiking shoes or tennis shoes, and a good shirt that is fit for the location of your hike. Remember, this list is far from exclusive and the list will change based on you and your hike, but if you have at least these things you are ready to take the next step in preparing for your hike.

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Beginner tips for rock climbing

big rock

Over the last several decades, rock climbing has increased in popularity in many different arenas. In fact, thousands of excited rock climbing sportsman are enjoying these outdoor ventures with both friends and family. It does not matter what their skill levels are since it gives people an opportunity to see the wide open country at higher levels as well as brand new heights. People of all ages are joining in on the excitement because it does not require a lot of expensive equipment to get started and it is great exercise for people who want to get or remain healthy. Listed below are some valuable tips that can be used to become a part of this awesome sport.

Preparing for Rock Climbing and Getting Fit

Rock climbing can be described to the novice as a sport that will require an individual to rely on their body’s strength. Therefore, people who may not be physically fit in this area should make sure that they are spending some time in the gym before beginning these and other related venture. Some professionals recommend going to the gym for at least a month prior to attempting any sort of rock climbing activity. Based on the kind of climbing that the person will be doing, they will need to focus on strengthening their legs or their upper body, like in this video. In some cases, the person may need to concentrate on both the legs and the upper body because they may be relatively weak. It is important for these areas to be in shape before taking on a climbing challenge so that the person does not go beyond their fitness level. If they do, its normally not safe or fun for themselves or others that around them.

Enroll in Rock Climbing Classes

Because of the increase in interest, there are rock climbing classes available for the newbie and those who want to learn more. These classes will focus on a diversity of factors including how to grip things firmly and properly prior to being thrown into nature. Looking for these classes does not have to be difficult if the person searches online for classes in their local area.  These look pretty cool!

Buy the right types of equipment.

If an individual is going on one the of these adventures with an outfitter, they will not have to be concerned about the proper equipment because these needs will be taken care of. However, if the person has to get started on their own, they should make sure that they are securing advice from the professionals. The best recommendation, however, is to piggy back with experienced climbers first.

The correct shoes or boots are really important for safety as well.  Wearing old sneakers or worn shoes is an almost guaranteed way to become injured.

Recently, the interest in rock climbing has grown substantially. People are viewing rock climbing as a great way to become fit. Before getting started, however, these same people may want to take a training class that will explain numerous things about what to wear, what to do and what equipment to carry.

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Welcome to a new blog regarding hiking and rock climbing to better your life and attain the fitness you deserve.  We will periodically post content that I hope you find useful.  Hiking and climbing has helped me become a healthier, happier person, I think it can do the same for you!

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